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Traditional dry cleaning

So many Dry Cleaners make fantastic claims and shout about themselves from the rooftops...some just get on with the job quietly.

Elias are London's premier dry cleaners, we get on with it quietly, efficiently and brilliantly. Elias dry cleaners have been around for 40 years and are still the very best.

Do you have a chaotic schedule? Elias can collect and deliver your laundry to your door or to your office, so you can keep calm and carry on with your busy schedule.

Specialist dry cleaning

Collection & delivery

At your command

The dry cleaning and many other services offered by Elias dry cleaners are carried out to an extraordinary high standard and are hand-finished by their experts.


Not only that, Elias dry cleaners literally clean everything, well almost everything!


From big teddy bears, shoes, bags including designer bags "Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior, Bottega", and of course ALL clothing.

Elias dry cleaners use green materials wherever possible and their staff are some of the most experienced people within the industry.


Furthermore, the staff at Elias Cleaners are devoted to continually improving and updating cleaning methods and systems, in order to provide ‘the customer’ with the very best in quality dry cleaning and service.


They've also recently invested heavily in the latest dry cleaning technology in order to exceed your requirements and expectations.



Rest assured

Traditional dry cleaning

with exceptional results

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