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6 of Items that you should always Dry clean

date: 8th April 2018 category: stories

To help make your laundry life a bit easier, we compiled a list of items that should always be taken to the dry cleaners.

1. Anything that’s embellished
such as sequins, beads, and metal studs

2. Dark colored silks
Try wetting a small patch of the silk and blotting it dry with a white paper towel; if it leaves any color behind, take it to the cleaners.

3. Suits
Not only will it keep your pants and jacket looking extra crisp, it will add years to their life.

4. Anything with pleating
If an item has pleating, it’s got to go to the dry cleaners. Not only can the professional preserve your folds and pleats, most have re-pleating machines that can rescue any receding ones when necessary.

 5. Anything with a lining
anything with a proper lining—dresses, jackets, skirts, etc.—needs to be dry cleaned. Because water alone can break apart their interlinings, your lined garments should only be trusted with a professional.

6. Furs

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