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7 Ways how you should treat your clothes From Elias Cleaners

date: 17th February 2017 category: stories

read clothing labels Carefully

always make sure you check the label before you purchase any item of clothing. “Manufacturers are only required to list one way to clean the item. If the item indicates ‘dry clean only’ this is the safest and recommended method of cleaning, but it does not mean the only way some regularly clean ‘dry clean only’ items with water; and care labels are only true for 51 percent of the garment’s total fabric and excludes all ornamentation. »

Clean your clothes regularly

shirts should only be worn one time, suit jackets twice, pants twice—but should be freshened between every wear—sweaters every three wears. and cleaning your clothes regularly will ensure that problems don’t become disasters,

Zip your zippers and no Velcro

Zippers are the saws of destruction in your laundry,you need to Keep them closed so you ensure that they don’t snag another item in the load The same can be said of Velcro which can stick to other fabrics and ruin a nice sweater if washed and dried together.

Bleach is for spots only

bleach can be added to an individual item but bleach does not remove spots, it just removes the color of the spot We add bleach with an eye dropper to control the chemical and it is always rinsed out immediately. If you are unsure about if you can remove a spot, it is always far cheaper to go to the most expensive cleaner in town than ruin an item forever .

Washing in cold water is a fallacy

Cold water assists in colorfastness. Shrinkage occurs in drying the material not the laundering and the idea of substituting any type of water for a dry-cleaning solvent is a huge risk if you don’t know what you are dealing with,if you think a color could bleed it probably will: “Red, black, and purple are generally unstable dyes and when they are placed next to light colors there are likely going to be undesired consequences.

Hang dry whenever you can

Hanging things to dry is the best option and it prevents shrinkage,Almost all shrinkage occurs during the drying phase of cleaning and if people would do more line drying it would save money on energy and heartache

Sometimes you need a professional

All of the remedies that you think you understand are much more complicated than you realize. Dry cleaning is part skill, part chemistry, part time, and part magic. Sometimes it’s not worth the struggle
Send it to Elias Cleaners  and let us deal with it ,


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