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frequently asked questions about Dry cleaning

date: 8th April 2018 category: stories

here are some frequently asked questions about Dry cleaning

Is drycleaning good for clothes? 
Yes. It removes grit, dust and grease that can damage the fabric if left in it too long.
Drycleaning not only prolongs the life of a garment, but keeps it looking smart for as long as possible.

Should I tell the cleaner what has caused a stain?
Yes, and the quicker stained garments are taken to the cleaner the better. Some stains affect fabrics permanently if they are left unattended too long.
Does drycleaning shrink clothes?
No. Not if the drycleaning process has been carried out correctly in accordance with the care label.

Should I have all matching pieces cleaned together?
Yes. If all pieces are cleaned together, any colour loss is likely to be uniform and variations will be minimal. However beware! – there are exceptions. Some two-pieces are made as separates and different cleaning instructions may be found on each piece. If this is the case, advise your cleaner.

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