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Five ways to save money on dry cleaning

date: 7th February 2017 category: stories

Dry cleaning can be too expensive if you didn’t control your way and process
Here are five ways you can save money on dry cleaning

1-Avoid buying “dry clean only” items
are you willing to essentially pay a fee each time you wear something ?
That’s what happens because it will likely need to be washed every time you wear it

2- Don’t dry clean it, even if the tag says to
Especially when the item is not going to cost a lot of money so if the item is ruined by washing it at home,
it wouldn’t be a big problem,

3- Go as long as possible between cleanings
Don’t dry clean an item every time you change it , for tha sake of the clothes and for your pocket

4- Try home dry cleaning
Buy your own home dry cleaning , but look for the best version

5- Get an awesome deal on dry cleaning
you can find great dry cleaning deals on sites ,
Daily deal sites often save 50% on dry cleaning.

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