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Learn chlorine damage on canvas

date: 11th February 2017 category: stories

One of the most well-known effects of chlorine is that it removes stains from white clothes, but it also has a bleaching effect on almost all types of fabric color. When the chlorine concentration is more than 80 ppm, and the effect is almost immediate, but in lower concentrations, and gradually fading or bleaching does not become clear until after multiple exposures over a period of time.

You may have noticed that after several years of washing clothes, the colors will fade even if you do not use bleach. Although there are other factors, this is partly why a small amount of chlorine in the water. I also saw that the new bathing suit will fade significantly after only one season of swimming in a pond. Bleaching faster in pools because the chlorine concentration is greater.

Chlorine has an additional side effect to limit the safety of fabric. Chlorine slowly eat away at the fibers. All fabrics and succumb in the end to the harmful effects of chlorine.

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