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Elias Complete Care mattress cleaning

date: 8th September 2017 category: stories

Sleep better tonight with our mattress cleaning service and free your beloved bed from dust mites, bacteria and allergens. We guarantee to remove any stubborn stains and 99.9% of unwanted bacteria. Your beds can be refreshed for a refreshing night’s sleep and you can rest assured that the bed bugs won’t bite.

99.9% sanitization

It has been scientifically proven that the chemical-free process that we use removes 99.9% of contamination from your mattress.

A healthy home

Protect your family whilst they sleep by removing the harmful bacteria through our professional mattress cleaning service.

Our guarantee

Not only can we guarantee 99.9% sanitization but also that we’ll remove any stubborn staining along the way, leaving your mattress as good as new.

Contact details

– Tel: 020 35 35 88 99
– Office hours: 9am to 5.30pm
– Visit our website

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