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How to take care of your suit between dry cleaning visits

date: 7th April 2018 category: stories

Here are few tips that can help you to keep a suit looking its best between trips to the dry cleaners ;

Rotate your suits. Wearing the same suit over and over will cause it to show wear after a while.

Use a steam cleaner to remove wrinkles before wearing. Set the steam to the lowest heat setting. This way you always appear freshly pressed without the added costs.

Brush offany dirt or food particles that may be clinging to the suit after you wear it. Start by going against the grain of the cloth and use short, quick strokes. Finish with a second pass that goes with the nap.

Allow your suit to hang for a day or two on a good wood hanger after wearing it. This allows the material to recover and drape out most wrinkles between uses. Make sure all of the pockets are empty to avoid creating creases, or odd shapes in your suit.


Cover it up, Use a cloth cover which allows air to still circulate through the suit even when its being stored.

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