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the types of fabrics that require dry cleaning

date: 31st January 2017 category: stories

The following are the fabrics that need special attention and care and needs to be dry cleaned only.


the fabric contains more than 60% silk then special care must be taken to protect the natural silk fiber.

Cotton voile or muslin

These two types of fabric are very delicate they need to be dry cleaned only.

Suede and soft leathers

These fabrics pose a serious problem when something spills on them. Hence it needs to be taken care of with extra care and attention by dry cleaning.


This type of fabric is not rugged at all and hence it is wise to take it to a dry cleaning shop . Embroidery, sequins and beaded garments: As extra precaution and care is needed for clothing with such fine work it is highly essential you get it dry cleaned from an experienced dry cleaner.

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